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I just purchased a group pack of umbrella silhouette vectors.

They came in .jpg file, .eps file, and .png file.

I only need one of these vectors.

I am having trouble selecting just one in the PNG. I attempted right-click and un-group, but the option was not there. How can I select one vector if the software isn't giving me an option to select just one?

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Open the EPS file with Adobe Illustrator.

Grab the Direct Selection Tool (the white arrow)
enter image description here

Click and drag around everything you do not want. Hit the Delete key twice.

Choose File > Save As... from the menu to save what you have left.

(Do not use the PNG or JPG file if you want vector data, you must use the EPS file.)

You may want to review the difference between raster and vector images. PNG is not a vector format.

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PNG is not a vector format--although some programs will put hidden vectors in as extra data. Adobe Fireworks, for instance. But only that program will display it.

In general, the standard of PNG is really just a bitmap. Usually higher quality than a JPG because it doesn't throw out details for compression. But just because something is a PNG doesn't make it sharper (think like taking a photo with a good camera of a blurry picture).

But the EPS file may have separate vectors, try loading that one and seeing what you get. You might have to ungroup things or split it even as a vector, sometimes clip art is stuck together in weird ways.

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