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A programmer myself, I find it hard to make certain seemingly simple design decisions.
Currently I'm sketching a signup form for a website, and I want to keep the design really simple.

There are several sections in the form, which I decided to be best separated by horizontal lines:

signup form mockup

However I'm really not sure about:

  • widths of the text fields
  • widths of the separators

I think it's best to keep the width consistent for at least elements of the same type (see above).
Is this a common practice?

Should I also align separators with the fields, or maybe with the header?
Are there any commonly accepted recommendations on this?

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Best practices in this kind of situation are:

  • Labels right aligned with right edges precisely aligned vertically.

  • Left edges of fields and separators precisely aligned vertically. Also applies to the left radio button.

  • Fields the same width except where it makes no sense (as in your second field).

  • Length of the rules (separators) isn't critical, but they will make the most sense if they're the same width as the headline.

  • An imaginary box around the entire form should be offset from the left or centered to correspond with the layout of other pages on the site.

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Thanks for the tips. – Dan Sep 17 '11 at 1:22

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