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I am creating a website mockup with invisionapp.com, an app that let's you test drive website and mobile user experience with no coding, just graphics. They have a cool feature that allows you to programmatically sync file changes in photoshop (see below link). Unfortunately my workflow starts in Illustrator. I know one can export an Illustrator file to psd. I'm wondering if there is a plugin or app that allows the changes in illustrator to sync with photoshop.

I have seen the smart object method but this wont work due to the need to maintain layers. A smart object scenario would require copy and pasting all objects and layers from illustrator to photoshop.

System Configuration information: Mac osx 10.9, Photoshop and Illustrator CS6

Blog post - sync invsionapp with Photoshop: http://www.invisionapp.com/new-features/23/design-file-syncing-(.psd-.ai-.sketch)-version-control-and-more

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