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Ok I've been using the Gradient Mesh tool of late, and am pretty happy with it, it's a great tool! On one of my pieces however I need to restructure the mesh, and so I delete a line using Alt+Click (with mesh tool selected), but the points created by that line remain - causing the line to be bent.

How do I delete a line as well as the points created by that line?

Here is a screenshot of what I mean: Screenshot

My cursor is on one such point, and I can't find a way to remove it!

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Ok what I'm referring to are called 'knots', and I've just found a super plugin - Mesh Tormentor!

It does what I'm asking for and loads more.

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That point looks like a regular anchor point on the enclosing path. A mesh point would have at least three intersecting line segments.

You can't delete an anchor point with the mesh tool.

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I found out the actual term for a point like that, its called a 'knot', and its not deletable without the plugin as far as I'm aware. – Vertaxe Oct 15 '11 at 9:09
One of the lovable things about these tools we work with is there is ALWAYS something new to learn! That plug-in is a good resource. Don't forget to accept your answer, now you've given it. :-) – Alan Gilbertson Oct 16 '11 at 19:43

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