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Framemaker will let you configure a paragraph style to run on after the finish of the paragraph. This is good for hanging paragraphs where the first line is really a subheading, Excuse the monospaced text, but something like:

.Heading: Lorem ipsum dolor  
.    blah blah blah blah  
.    blah wibble blarg

Heading is a separate paragraph, and by changing the styles you could go from the above text to a separate heading like

Lorem ipsum dolor
blah blah blah
blah wibble blarg

I can't see anything in the docs that refer to this. Does Scribus support this type of run-on paragraph style?

EDIT: Bonus points for anyone who can figure out how to make markdown do hanging paragraph headings of that sort ;)

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No, styles currently do not have “next paragraph style” option. I personally filed that request earlier this year, and it was categorized as “maybe one day” :)

Regarding hanging paragraphs... Ugh... Are we talking about setting up styles that have side spacing? :)

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