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Sylfaen as originally designed had a full set of International Phonetic Alphabet characters, and they appear in a paper on the designers' website. But the version that was free with Windows XP — the only one I've actually used — did not include those characters. Have they ever been released in any form?

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As of 2004, it hasn't. In an excerpt taken from Typophile, John Hudson (the author of the font) says this:

[...] the Sylfaen IPA set, [...] has not been released. It was not intended for release, only to show IPA characters in a database, so it is not as polished as it would be if destined for release.

It has been nearly 8 years since that post, but I do doubt that they were ever released if he never had any plans for releasing them.

John Hudson did however redraw Sylfaen under a new name, "Nyala" which does have some IPA Extensions according to Microsoft.

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+1 thanks for the pointer. Though according to the linotype website, Nyala has exactly one IPA character: the schwa. – Leah Velleman Oct 27 '11 at 4:50

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