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I'm building some "8-bit" style sprites in Photoshop, and using the pen tool so that I can scale them for different resolutions.

The problem is that they are coming out anti-aliased, which I don't want. Is there a way to turn off anti-aliasing with the Photoshop pen tool?


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  1. Once you have created each shape (I assume that's what you're doing -- if not, that's how you should do this so you can see what you're doing) and scaled to taste, select its path using the Path Selection Tool (black arrow version).

    Black arrow, path selection tool

  2. Copy.

    Ctrl+C (Cmnd)⌘+C

  3. Create a new, empty layer and Paste. You now have a duplicate of the path on a new raster layer and can hide the vector (shape) layer.

    Create new layer

  4. From the Paths panel flyout, select either "Fill Path" or "Stroke Path" and clear the "Anti-alias" checkbox.

    Fill Path Uncheck Anti-alias

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