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Actually there are two questions here.

  1. Creating personal customized new set of old brushes, where I want to put different brushes from different sets (like 2 from assorted, 2 from basic etc.) in one set.
  2. Creating personal customized set of new brushes, how can I create my own brushes?
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This is how to create new customized brush set from old brushes :

go to Edit > Preset Manager > select brush from dropdown first load all the brushes which you want to use in your set (like all from assorted,all from basic ) You'll see all the brush now select one by one which you want in your brush set, select brushes (ctrl+click for multi) > save this set > again go to preset manager > load set which you have saved just now.

I attached a screen shot to make this process easy and clear to you, please follow the same (view image in new browser for clarity)

enter image description here

This is how to create new brush :

First create any shape/drawing/art or anything of which you want to make brush, than again go to Edit > Define brush preset > Ok by this you can create as many as brushes you want and if you want to make set of such new brushes do as first answer says...

this is your brush :) i have attached a screenshot to make this clear...

enter image description here

Tutorial for your reference :

Hope this will help....

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Creating brushes is really easy :

1: create your brush

2: put a selection round it

3: go to Edit : Define Brush Preset

It will be added to bottom of you brushes .

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this is how to create a single brush, i think op wants to know how to create set of brush – Jack Nov 29 '11 at 5:31

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