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I'm looking for the font used for the word WEREWOLF in the following image enter image description here

actually, I guess it's not an existing one, but I'm completely out of ideas how to find it...i was searching for horror fonts, horror font, werewolf font, but non of them i found seems to be good enough...

if you can provide me some ideas how to search, which keywords to use while searching, I would be very happy!

thanks in advance!

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You can try new.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont. –  Ocaso Protal Dec 16 '11 at 14:12
What the Font is an amazing application. They have a mobile app too. –  cdeszaq Dec 16 '11 at 14:12
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I'm sorry to tell you that you're probably going to come up empty-handed. The word "Werewolf" in this poster was hand-lettered (ie- the letters were drawn by hand). You can tell by comparing the two "E"s—If this was a font, the two letters would be identical, however the ragged edges on each of them is subtly different, meaning that it must have been hand drawn. (Well, actually there's about a .01% chance that it was a font with alternate characters, but that's very unusual for a decorative font like this.)

Nonetheless, as others have suggested, WhatTheFont is a good resource to have up your sleeve if you're ever trying to match a font. Even better than the automated tool is the WhatTheFont Forum; there are a lot of people there who know their fonts really well, so there's usually someone who can identify your font for you.

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WhatTheFont is always the best option to start with. But you will have to clean the letters to get any results. A good option would be to draw the typo (in vectors) because the results can be much better for complex shapes like this. If you are unconfortable with that, here are some font resources:

Not exactly that one you are looking for, but here you can find lots of free options here.

Here is a werewolf font (you can paint on the inside). And Housind has some cool monster fonts.

As for search keywords, I tried werewolf too and it only gives a couple of fonts. Try a different criteria like "hairy" or navigate though a database of fonts (fonts.com, myfonts, etc) searching for things like thickness. I'd go for the "do it yourself" option :)

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