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As all the big sites have been updating their style recently, I've noticed this effect on a few sites and I'm wondering how they do it.

Its like this normal gradient effect, with this pattern, abbit similar to a dissolving effect, but not quite that...

JSFIDDLE: Its on the top menu bar on this site:

Twitter: Again, its on the top black menu bar on

Youtube: Its like the whole of Youtube's background but its quite hard to notice on that one.

Do you guys see what I'm talking about?

How would I get that effect in Photoshop?


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It's called 'noise'. Most raster image editing software have various noise filters.

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Actually in JsFiddle I've used a combination of noise and a very subtle grain texture.

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Lol at that :) (+1) – Joonas Dec 21 '11 at 10:12
Glad you did :) – Jack Dec 21 '11 at 13:07

The art here is to use a pattern on top of your chosen color, and then lowering down the opacity of your pattern overlay to an almost imperceptible level. An example is here: enter image description here

(I've used the 'Parchment' pattern with 20% opacity)

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