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I often add rows to tables in Dreamweaver once a day and then add text to these.

it is annoying to always have to change the text format to paragraph, is there a way to make paragraph the default format for all text?

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You can use snippets to encapsulate the selected text with whatever code you wish. for instance you can set up a snippet as <p class='myClass'> </p> then select wrap-selection. When you select your text from the snippets window select your snippet and it will wrap your html around the selected text.

You can also create a snippet such as <tr><td><p>text goes here</p></td></tr> then all you need to do is double click the snippet to insert this code into the document then you simply copy/paste or type in between the paragraph tags

Also if you open the preferences panel under edit and select code hints select the radio button for close tags After typing "</" this will auto close the tags for you. So for example you can type <p>this is my paragraph</ and it will close the tag for you. This works with all types of tags not just paragraph.

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