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This is the original image and I want to move the text to the right of the image:

enter image description here

But I failed, I tried to resize the canvas but then when I move the text the layer gets invisible when put on the resized canvas area:

enter image description here

I'm sure I'm just doing it wrong with GIMP and I wonder if you can help me to achieve the result?


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I can't seem to manage to move a selected part of the image at all no matter what I try... – user1563838 Mar 4 '14 at 6:06
Hi there and welcome - please do not use the answer field for questions. Use the comment field or start your own question. – Benteh Mar 4 '14 at 9:52
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Let me see. Guessing what you did there:

  1. Image/Canvas Size: Set width to 300px. Leave height unchanged. Click Resize.

  2. Select Region with Text. Cut (Ctrl-X)

  3. Paste (Ctrl-V). Move to right. Text disappers


So, what happen. Any image in Gimp has at least one layer. You have resized the image, but not the layer. Your text is now a floating selection outside any layer and therefore invisible. Simple fix:

  • Instead of Paste, use Edit/Paste As/New Layer. Here you go: enter image description here
  • Alternatively, make sure there is at least one layer that covers the whole image.
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You can also click the New Layer icon in the Layers dialog (the white page on the bottom left) after a normal paste (Ctrl-V). This will transform the floating selection into a new layer. – Ilmari Karonen Jan 30 '12 at 20:43
You are correct. Thanks a lot for the help. I'm a newbie with GIMP and need to learn layers. – Dac Saunders Jan 30 '12 at 20:48
  1. Select

  2. Press Ctrl+Alt

  3. Grab inside selected area with the tool you used for selecting, drag

  4. Press M to switch to Move tool to ajust position of the moved selection, if you need to

  5. Ctrl+H to add the floating selection back to the layer.

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