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The task I'm trying to achieve with Pixelmator is opening up a PSD and quickly (because I generally have to do it a lot) crop a piece of the image but also removing layers that I don't want in the finished picture.

This is for making little pictures out of PSD created by graphic designers to be later used in web application (for example, if there's a round button, I want the button, the icon inside but not the background, it has to be transparent, so I want to remove or hide those layers).

I'm evaluating Pixelmator as an alternative to Photoshop to process PSDs into HTML and CSS.

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This might be useful info, or not. abduzeedo.com/basics-slicing-pixelmator ( I didn't read it. ) –  Joonas Feb 10 '12 at 10:39
So is the question really "how do I turn layers on and off in Pixelmator"? –  e100 Feb 22 '12 at 14:03
@e100: How to figure out which layers to turn on and off is also part of the question. Or maybe there's a way to just copy the contents of one layer without having to turn them on and off at all. –  J. Pablo Fernández Mar 5 '12 at 15:46

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