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I'm trying to find a certain font to use it in a t-shirt. I see the font clearly in my mind although have great difficulties actualy describing it. Here's a picture that kinda resembles the font i want to use. The font i'm thinking about has a much thicker underline that curves down a bit. I remember seeing this font implemented in something that had to do with baseball. the font also looks kinda like something from the fifties. If you have any suggestions please leave them here :)

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Try WhattheFont.com

Offhand, I'd say MetroScript.

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You're thinking of the classic baseball swash logos:


Historically, these would have all been hand rendered logotypes.

These days, there are plenty of scripts that are inspired by it. Ball Park Weiner being a popular free one:


Rarely will the swash, itself, be part of the font, though. Typically that'd be added as needed by hand. That said, newer full-featured OpenType faces, such as the one Scott linked to, may have such added features. Do note you'll need software that fully supports OpenType to access them.

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