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I have an Illustrator CS5 file with several artboards. Each artboard is named. I can export this document to a multi-page PDF but the pages appear numbered when viewed in Acrobat.

I can renumber and rename the pages in Acrobat, and I can even write a script that can go in and add the proper objects to the PDF file after the fact to facilitate the naming. However, I'd like to avoid needing a script if possible since I have to pass this process off to another designer who isn't as technical.

Does vanilla Illustrator have any way to export a multi-page PDF with the pages named after the artboards?

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Nope. Sorry. You'll simply get numbered pages. I don't think any Adobe app applies a name to an Acrobat page - only numbers with a prefix/suffix. And Illustrator can't do the prefix/suffix either.

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That's too bad. It seems like a no brainer to me. I guess I'll have to go the scripting route. – Soviut Mar 7 '12 at 3:07

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