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i'm testing how far i can go with interactive epub format ebook.I've just added two buttons (prev and next) and 3 overlapping pictures to make a mini-slideshow. I've tested this on my pc with the preview panel and everything is working. Whenever I try to export in epub format and open this book with calibre the slideshow is not working.

Any idea?

thanks Luca

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This works in Preview and will work in the Content Viewer because at the moment it is supported only by the DPS plug-in.

The current ePub standard is v2, which doesn't support this kind of interactivity. Calibre currently adheres to the ePub 2.0 standard.

ePub 3.0 will support slideshows, videos, etc., when readers like Kindle, Nook, etc., support it. Apple hadn't announced that they would follow the ePub 3 standard, last I heard, but they are supporting a number of interactive features in the iBook format.

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opening the book with my ipad shouldnt work? since it looks like ibooks app 'accepts epub 3.0'??..indesign is not using javascript for this purpose? – luca Mar 27 '12 at 6:51

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