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I am a fan of DIY stuff and have recently seen these cardboard safari which looks pretty nice. I would like to try to do some of those myself but haven't found good cut out resources around and my own attempts never turn to be good looking (I suppose you a proper designer to know which lines are important or not for the model).

I might as well have to buy those, but that is not exactly "diy" then... But then again, I reckon these and more models would be fairly straight forward for someone into 3D.

Does anyone knows where could I find those in around the interwebs :)?

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This answer is not quite what you wanted, but perhaps and alternative to it.

There is this website called

It's a lot like that cardboard safari website, except better ( In my opinion.. ).

They use different materials, but I think their materials ( which include stainless steel ) is an upgrade from what cardboard safari has to offer. ( unless that is what you're looking for. )

They have these creator tools that will help you create your own objects. (which is the main reason that made me want to answer.)

Great thing about 3d printing is that you can do some pretty cool things. For example, moving parts and objects inside objects.

Plus the shop is filled with cool stuff designed by other people. ( Though they are pretty expensive. )

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