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I'm using a Brother MFC-J6910DW inkjet. On my PC it's easy enough to print full bleed, there's a borderless option in the printer dialog. I can't find any such option on the Mac. Am I not able to print to the edges in Adobe InDesign or Acrobat?

UPDATE: Apparently in Adobe InDesign you print by selecting the paper type with "(borderless)" next to the paper type you want (every supported paper type has 2 versions, 1 with and 1 without (borderless)). Acrobat doesn't print full bleed, but Mac OS X's built-in preview tool has the same paper type option as Adobe InDesign.

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The full bleed (or "borderless" as printer manufacturers tend to call it) feature is a function of the printer driver. If the driver doesn't support it, then InDesign can't do it. You might check with Apple if there's an updated driver.

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