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I am using Inkscape to create .svg vector files. I wanted to convert it to .eps so that I could use it in Latex (unable to use .svg in Latex). Please recommend a free software to convert .svg to .eps.

Update: I did google for the question, but the closest answer I got was this SuperUser question: Converting between EPS and SVG format

I was hoping for a better answer. I was unable to install GS on my Windows 7 machine. Currently I email images to my friend who converts it on Ubuntu.

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In InkScape: FILE > SAVE AS > choose EPS from the format list.

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@user9667 you should be able to click the ADD COMMENT to add comments. I'll add it here for you: UPDATE: The InkScape SAVE AS is not perfect and there may be some errors in the conversion. (Wanted to add this as a comment instead of editing the answer but there was no option for that) I used InkScape on Mac: FILE > SAVE AS > choose EPS from format list, while writing a paper which required EPS submission. However I found that there were some errors in the conversion. – DA01 Jan 31 '13 at 21:18

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