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Please [click here][1] to find a pattern made by someone else. (As a new user I'm not allowed to show the image here directly.)

How would I go about replicating it in Photoshop, possibly with a different background color than this gray-brownish one? Of course, it would be best if the pattern could be on its separate layer, so it can be compatible with any background color.

I've tried using the pen/pencil tools to draw some lines and then blurring them and reducing the opacity, but it never looks quite like this. Any ideas?

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I guess this one is made by filters I am not sure but you can get similar effect using water paper filter

filter > sketch > water paper

just create your background of any color and then apply this filter.

you can maximize the values(highlighted in red) as well to get your desired output.

enter image description here

hope this will help

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It looks fairly straight forward to me, though I'm not actually going to try it myself.

Create a 'Solid Color' layer underneath this layer that is the roughly the color you want.

Select the layer of the grey pattern image.

Use the 'Blend Mode' drop-down menu that usually says 'Normal' inside it and run through it until you find a Blend Mode that overlays the pattern as you desire, you can also adjust the opacity if necessary, although its a very simple pattern - essentially just shades so..

Overlay the shades on to any color you wish. Also worth noting that different colours may require a different blend mode than others.

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