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I'm having trouble getting rid of these criss crossing anchor points in Illustrator. They're on the same path, but the anchor point is creating an extended path and thus a "criss cross".

The odd thing is that the mirrored left side doesn't have this issue.

Any thoughts?

Problem looks like:


Should look like:


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What would be the danger of simply deleting one? – KMSTR Jul 8 '12 at 6:28
Is this a single path or a shape? The issue looks like a common issue with miter limits and expanded strokes. I've never seen that issue with a single path. – Scott Jul 8 '12 at 7:12

Double check you only have one point at the tip of the path. It's possible there's a couple or more points sitting on top of another. Pathfinder and other object operations can cause these types of problems.

enter image description here

The example above is pretty rough, but the theory stands — some stray points can cause unpredictable results.

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In addition to Marc's answer, another thing to try would be to expand the appearance of the stroke (in the edit menu I believe). This will convert the stroke to a filled object, making removing those additional points easy.

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