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Is that possible to somehow run AI2Canvas plugin in Illustrator CS6? I used it in CS5 version successfully and it did its job just great, but now when I start Illustrator, it shows an alert that it can't load the plugin and it doesn't appear in export options as a result.

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I'm the author of the Ai->Canvas plug-in, and I'm just about to release a version that's compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS6. It'll run on both Mac and PC (32-bit and 64-bit). I'd suggest watching my blog for updates.

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No. Plug in architecture changed with Illustrator CS6 and its move to 64-bit.

You need to contact the manufacturer and see if they are going to update their plug in.

There's nothing you can do as a user other than to use an older version of Illustrator if you need the plug in.

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