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I made a typeface that I would like to sell non-exclusively on several online stores. I have been searching and found a few nice outlets so far.

What are the font shops you know of? Where do you sell your typefaces?

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I've been selling my own fonts on MyFonts, fonts.com, and FontShop. Almost any font store will accept whatever you want to sell, without any preference except FontShop - they approve your fonts prior to publication and won't be selling a typeface they don't like.

None of these store require exclusive rights, however you will be required by the contract to set the same price for your fonts in any store you are present in (temporary promotional discounts remain up to your liking).

Among the three mentioned stores I've experienced the most revenue from MyFonts, since they have the largest audience, and most foundry promotion was from FontShop (if you are going to continue making and selling your fonts you may care about this).

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I've not ever sold a typeface, but I know from shopping for them that www.myfonts.com is probably the biggest place to do so. More info here. They're not necessarily exclusive:

Foundries set the retail prices of their fonts. The only limitation is that the pricing must not exceed the regular pricing sold through other channels. A foundry may optionally designate some of its fonts to be available free of charge provided those fonts are exclusive to MyFonts.

FontShop will pick up smaller type foundries as well; not sure about that process but their contact page has an option to select about new font submissions. Veer came to mind but I was unable to find anything; same with FontSpring.

I don't think the process to sell fonts is as streamlined as the process to sell stock photos; try e-mailing foundries and see what you come up with! Keep us posted :D

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Other source to sell fonts:

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