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I've just done two animations in Photoshop, each the same size, same number of frames. The second animation has a transparent background. Is it possible to merge the two by overlaying the second onto the first?

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You can just select the two (or more) layers you want to merge and then choose "convert to smart object" -- See this forum thread.

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  1. Set your gradient overlay to its starting position.
  2. Open the Animation window (Window → Animation), and expand the layer you have the gradient overlay on. Click on "style"
  3. Position the animation cursor to the first frame, then place a keyframe (yellow rhombus)
  4. Move the animation cursor to the last frame, place another keyframe
  5. Staying on the last frame, move the gradient overlay to its desired end position.

I hope this explains it well enough, if not, I can upload an example PSD file or you can ask Portland seo experts about your problem.

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