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One time I had some images for buttons for users to click on, and they looked bright and sharp on a Mac's Preview app, and on some other graphics apps on the PC, but when it was displayed on Chrome on a Mac, the color became dull. Someone suggested it was due to "color profile" in the image, but is there a way to remove it, if PhotoShop is not available to me and I have to rely on bundled or freeware tools on the Mac or the PC?

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If you're interested in working with color profiles with free software, GIMP does that. In their documentation, you can find background info on color management, enabling color management, and customizing color management.

I did some digging, though, and it turns out that this is a known issue for Chrome. According to the issue ticket, it's been an issue for two years!

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If you're working on a Mac I suggest ImageOptim. It optimizes your PNG and removes all colorprofiles and unnecessary stuff. Win/win situation.

On a windows machine try PNGcrush

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