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So I downloaded some free custom brushes to draw some hills.
The "default" size of these brushes are ~850px so I change it to 35px. But if I use another brush and then switch back to this, then it always scales back to 850px.

So, if I change a brush size then how to achieve to "stay" at this size forever?
(sorry for my English, if something is bad)

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While you have the 35px size brush:

  1. Go to the brush list.
  2. Click the arrow at the upper right corner and choose New brush preset. enter image description here

That will save the brush in its current size and other brush options and places it at the bottom of the brush list.

You can also do about the same thing with brush tool presets ( Saves opacity and size etc... ).

enter image description here

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Thanks for the pictures. I wanted to vote up too, but 15 rep points needed:( – Filkor Aug 28 '12 at 12:38
@CriticalPoint: If that size is something that you use really often, it might help you to make and action to change the brush size. Here's a tutorial on how to make actions:… - Basically: 1. Make a new action. Assign it a hotkey and start recording it. 3. Go to change your brush size. 4. Stop recording the action. Then you could select a brush from your brush list and press hotkey to change the size quickly. I can add this to my answer in more detail if you're interested. – Joonas Aug 28 '12 at 12:57
Very good idea, don't need to edit your answer, I can do this. – Filkor Aug 28 '12 at 13:58

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