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Just wondering if anyone has hammered out any good solutions to presenting PNG screen comps to clients, especially if there are more than a dozen screens. Adobe Bridge has some half decent HTML gallery output options, but I was wondering what other tools and techniques people use to remotely and reliably present full-quality comps.

Any advice?

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Subfolio has been created for that purpose and it is free.

It is a file browser working with FTP, no CMS.

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Google Drive is a nice, simple way to put together a presentation that you have control over. I've used this recently in conjunction with Google+ Hangouts to do the whole presentation: audio, video, and screen share. When the conference is over, you can share the presentation with the client (if you choose) and give them read-only access on your Drive account. Of course, you could do essentially the same thing with a PDF that you screen share from your desktop.

You could also search for CSS slide shows and build a site hosted on your domain using that format. It's just more work.

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Thanks for the response. This seems like a compelling technique, especially when it's crucial to control the pace. – Blair-J Sep 6 '12 at 13:29

I have a custom php script which simply displays all images in any directory on a web server and places the file names below the image. This allows a web link to show the image and it's title without any additional effort on my part. It's all configured to display how I want it via a loop and I've styled it via CSS to match my site design.

I simply dump all the png, jpg, gif files I need the client to see in a folder on my web server, drop in the custom php script titled "index.php" and send the client the link to the directory on the web server.

I also have similar custom scripts to display a list of links for transferring .zip or .pdf files. In addition, to a hybrid page which will display images and download links at the same time.

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Also a great option. There's no solution like a custom solution I suppose. Thanks. – Blair-J Sep 6 '12 at 13:34

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