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Ok, while its true that things like this would be easier to do with a 3d app. The demo certainly is. Do this: Draw 2 concentric circles and cut them up into concentric sectors. Maybe offset a bit. Enable the perspective grid (maybe choose the 3 point defaults from view menu), select bottom plane and enable the perspective selection tool. Drag around. ...


3D shapes can be created in Illustrator. The glossy finish would be possible but much harder. To create the 3D shapes: Draw each part of the graph in 2D from a 'top down' perspective. Select each object individually and use Effect > 3D > Extrude and Bevel. From here, tweak the depth of the extrusion to set each bar to correct height. It's might ...


Another way to easily do this: Copy front object. Place copy where you want the shadow extrusion to stop. Merge front and back objects. Delete tangent points in the corners to finish the extrusion. Clean as required.


I'm not familiar with anything exactly like you're looking for. Your best bet might be too look at 3D Sculpting software though. ZBrush is the name brand one while Sculptris is a free one that's also very good. Pixologic (the creator's of ZBrush) purchased Sculptris so no idea if they'll really continue to support it but at the time of writing this it is ...


Have you thought of using Microsoft excel? It is a long process but the number can help with imaging on the mind where the light exists; additional help comes from the knowledge that number can be used with understanding the user as an adapter and accomodator of reflected light radiation. Will ensure you do not lose sight of articulating the reflector to ...


This effect is referred to as "low-poly." The name comes from 3D models with a low number of polygons. Search for low poly and you will find a lot of examples, tutorials, etc. as this style has been somewhat in vogue lately.


Right so, as Rishab has said, your best bet is a mockup in photoshop. Lots of great places to find these, and my go-to is probably Mockup World. After a search I managed to find the exact one you're looking for though, so here you are. Have fun.


The Best software you can use to create this is Adobe Photoshop. However, if you search in google for FREE PSD MOCK-UPS you can find some sites that provide free PSD Mock-ups of course you need Photoshop to use the file. If you have some experience working in Photoshop then you can easily edit the Mockup files You can also try search for PSD MOckups of ...

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