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Don't group. Apply the 3D effect to each path individually. By grouping you tell the 3D effect to treat everything as 1 object. The remnant of the top contour is only there due to slight lighting hitting it, otherwise it wouldn't be visible at all. In short, if you want it to appear as 2 objects, use 2 objects not 1 group.


You need to make your own tests, but in this case the "weight" of the final file dosen't say anithing. If you save a bmp file will weight lets say 1mb and the exact same file on png could weight 1/3 of thoose mb. One thing that can be somehow estimated is the resolution. The resolution is the "size" in pixels. For example If you have a file 1000 x 1000 px ...


Since blender 2.70, there is a wireframe modifier which you can use to easily create wireframe models.You can just go to the modifiers panel and select 'Wireframe', that will already achieve the effect shown above. However, you can make it look even better by fiddling around with the options.


You've got a couple options. The first is likely the easiest for a beginner level, but can cause the occasional geometry artifact depending on topology. Create a cube Position it to overlap the part of the screw you want to keep Select the screw and the cube (Polygons Menu) > Mesh > Booleans > Intersection The second option is to do it manually. ...


Answer: Look up component selection mode on Google. You will have to view the object in component mode (with polygon faces visible), select those faces and delete them. A word of advice: People go to school for doing 3D. It takes a good bit of training. I would suggest looking up basic modeling tutorials in Maya. That will give you an idea of basic ...


Illustrator's 3D effect suffers from this often. The only real solution is to alter a field by a very small amount until all the faces are drawn. You can change the perspective to 1 and that may fix the issue with very minimal visual alteration otherwise. If not, look at changing some other field in the 3D effect a minute amount. Be certain to double check ...


Mostly any 3D application will do. For practical purposes you may want to start of with a Icosaherdon, or a dodecaedron [1]. then just randomly move the points about. Copy mesh offset make struts, spheres and render. [1] Platonic solids, Wikipedia

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