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From a bit more experimenting, I've found a way that works! Record the following as an action: Fit image to 2500x2500px Save for Web as JPG in destination folder Fit image to 600x600px Save As some new name (can be anything) in destination folder Close image Then, create a droplet, choosing Destination as the same folder as above. Check the Override ...


I’m a few versions behind in my Photoshop and I do this kind of stuff with AppleScript, but try this: Resize to fit 2500x2500px Save for Web (or Save as JPG) in a specific folder Resize to fit 600x600px Rename the current document with a prefix of “T_” Save for Web (or Save as JPG) in the same folder Close image (without saving) If that doesn’t work and ...


You automate this with scripting, not actions, because you will need variables. You can just loop through the Layers panel and export everything. You can write scripts in AppleScript or JavaScript. Adobe Photoshop Scripting


In Photoshop you can ctrl+click on a layer thumbnail to set the selection to layer's alpha channel. That is the action described by this step.

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