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Like Cheli says, you can check 'spreads' when you're exporting from InDesign if your document is set up with Facing Pages. But another way is to place your existing A4 PDF pages 2-up in a new A3 InDesign document, and export that to PDF.


are the original A4 pages in your InDesign document next to each other in the Pages palette? If so, you should be able to export as 'Spreads' in the 'Export Adobe PDF' dialogue box. This option is available in the 'General' section, in the 'Pages' sub section.


I had this same issue, but all I did was copy each page and then crop them. ie. Crop the first copy on the left and then 2nd copy on the right. Acrobat resized the cropped section to a full page and as far as I can tell, the document is good.

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