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If you right click on the document, an option pops up for HAND TOOL. The hand tool works like Google Maps, etc. It zooms with the scroll wheel and pans with a click-and-hold. I keep forgetting where it is hidden, and just checked here. . . probably be back to find my own answer soon!


For your particular problem, you need to figure out what the target screen sizes are (probably mostly between 1920x1080 and 1366x768) along with the default zoom options and then increase those pattern sizes in your art to get out of the danger zone where moire is created. Note that Acrobat/Distiller/whatever-they-call-it-now has a "default view" setting in ...


This works but can be a bit time-consuming. This is assuming you're still editing in the Forms function in Adobe Acrobat. I know this works for Acrobat 10. Highlight/select text field that continuation will be starting from. Right-Click and Open Properties / Appearance / Set an absolute font size (not auto) Options / uncheck "multi-line" and "scroll long ...

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