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My solution using Acrobat only (as it is mentioned in your tags). open your border PDF in Acrobat go to pages > watermark > Add Watermark select file and choose your second PDF text file adjust the scale and the position as you wish and press Ok. save the result to a new PDF


Place the background PDF. Then place the text PDF on top of the background PDF. With the text PDF selected, set the blending mode on the Effects Panel (Window > Effects) to Multiply.


In Adobe Indesign, we usually put the omitting backgrounds in Master Pages or A-Master, it's on the top right placed inside "Pages" tab (if your using the default Essentials workspace). See the youtube link below to understand using the Master Pages. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsl4-J-h8jc Go and explore! :) -Sai


Export your file from InDesign as single pages. Then in Acrobat under File > Properties > Initial Display, set that to display as two-up with cover. Save if you want this to be the default PDF view. Close and reopen the PDF after setting the Initial View or in the View menu, choose Page Display > Two Page view to adjust the current open PDF This ...

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