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View/Preferences/General - then tick "Make Select tool use mouse-wheel zooming". I know its old, but when I was looking for it - this was top of Google search, without an answer ! I found the solution and came back. Happy acrobating !


Note: I never tried data merge within a PDF with an Excel file but found some info about it. Acrobat Pro Apparently it might be possible to do this with Adobe Acrobat Pro. You can create forms with fields using Acrobat Pro and there's an "import data" functionality. You'll create some fields in Acrobat Pro and link them to the same cell names of an ...


Type > Find Font Click the original in the top pane, then choose the substitution in the bottom pane. Then click Change All.


This one should work... tel:XXX-XXX-XXXX


You can use layers for this as well, e.g. from adobe-indesgin (note to export the layers you must use PDF ≥ 1.5, unfortunately export doesn't seem to carry over the non-printing property!). Open the pdf in Acrobat Pro, right click the specific layer and change its print initial state to "Never prints".


The page size (16.81 x 20.14 in.) is exactly the number of pixels at 72 ppi. There's nothing abnormal there. The question is: What page size do you expect? Your PNG are low resolution and Adobe Acrobat simply take what you have and doesn't modify them. If you expect a different page size or would prefer a higher resolution and smaller size, you'll ...


There is a setting in your Adobe InDesign to show blacks accurately. It's possible this setting is set to showing your black in rich blacks by default. You should use the "display all blacks accurately" and the "output all blacks accurately". There's also difference in how both software will display the blacks and that depends on a lot of factors ...


You also need to make sure that you have the Preference in indesign under Appearance Of Blacks set to display all blacks accurately. Otherwise it will display 100K black as 100 100 100 100 black or rgb 0 0 0. While acrobat and indesign may not show exactly the same on screen this is the most likely reason for a serious discrepancy in black.


Never trust any pdf viewer to correctly display a print-ready pdf. They all suck at it in varying degrees, colour representation being a common problem. You can also run into other artefacts like hairlines and crappy anti-aliasing. Don't ever judge a print-ready pdf by an on-screen preview. It is true though, that the black in, K in CMYK, is not a great ...


Use a rich black (K with CMY components). Regular black (100K) will print black, but in a CMYK .pdf on a computer screen it may appear to be a very dark grey. Ideally you'd wouldn't use a multi-ink colour for type because it could shift and become illegible. It's not a hard and fast rule, of course, but it's important to keep in mind.

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