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THIS IS A FREE ANIMATED MOCKUP .PSD FILE of a website scroll dow and a menu animation completely edit and animated in photoshop ridiculous easy to edit and play around, you can download the file for free here, i also have a tutorial video of how is easy to edit this freebie.


I think this link can help you... http://www.calvinshub.com/2008/10/creating-a-web-20-glossy-text-effect-in-fireworks/


Whatever gets the job done Photoshop is absolutely fine for some tasks. In fact, it may even be better at times. It all depends upon the final desired output. (example: Illustrator can't dither gradients... Photoshop will.) A well-rounded designer will use many tools to complete a project. It is rare to rely on only one piece of software for all projects. ...


Actually Photoshop is design software.. It "also" has options for editing a photo. Primarily designing is done with Photoshop. It cannot be sidelined as a photo editor. Photoshop is certainly not similar to picassa editors. The wide range of features enables people to experiment with every kind of effects. There are many ways with which one can create ...


Yes, using Photoshop for designing software is industry standard practice. Im totally with you, i prefer making designs in Indesign or Illustrator vector based, but Photoshop supports vectors too (Smart Objects) and many people use it.

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