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You could also create the animation of the UI using Keynote. Its fairly simple and perfect for creating UI animations. I then used after effects to just place the video it into the Phone. Step 1 : I first created the UI animation on keynote and made this: http://vimeo.com/108991829 Step 2 : I then placed the video into an iPhone after effects mockup that ...


You should be aware that pixels do not equal print centimetres at all. There are many factors in play in this specific problem, but mainly you should start by setting your canvas to a print size, and specify it in the final medium you want to print on. If you're aiming towards a DIN A4 document, the size es 210mm wide by 297mm tall. Resolution also plays a ...


I use fw2psd.com for conversion Fireworks PNG to PSD


Images (PNG, GIF, JPG, etc) are always rectangular. So if the intent is to make image-based rollovers, yes, they would be rectangular. Options: create an image map for each image that triggers the rollover use one large image, with each image map region triggering a swap of the overall image Note that while image maps still have their place, these ...

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