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I have this same problem and it prevents me from drawing in flash/photoshop because of the scrolling issue. For people reading this in 2016 onwards and asking the same question here is what worked for me: Go to run and type "regedit" to edit the registry Hit CTRL+F to get the find command and then type "panningdisabled" It may take a while to search but ...


I haven’t used that particular version of Adobe Flash Professional (I use Tumult Hype and/or hand-coded animations now) but there was a menu option in previous versions that disabled the sound in your animation when it was running within Flash Pro. The idea was that you could work on your animation without having to hear the audio loop again and again and ...


You can create a shape tween to transform the frames by adding interpolated results in between. Read this help page on shape tweening. However, this only really works out in cases where you planned  to do the tween beforehand*. You can try a blind shape tween but the results are going to be hit or miss. There is no guarantee that it will work out ...


Export Video with ignore stage color checked off

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