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Interesting question - but there's an important distinction that needs to be made. Once you trace and expand an image - as you describe - it's no longer an 'image' in the photographic/pixel-based sense. It has been converted to a vector-based representation. With that in mind, one solution to achieve this (without dividing the text into lots of pieces), ...


The easiest way to work around this is to click (with the Pen Tool) away from the location you want the anchor point. Then hold down the Spacebar and drag the mouse so the anchor is in the position you want it. If you have closed shapes, the pen won't join to closed paths. This is only a problem when you have open paths.


That's a nasty conundrum. It's pretty grim when a client has misplaced, deleted or otherwise lost a key identity asset. There is a way to recover in Photoshop, since you say that the logo is a solid. You already know the PMS color, so the procedure is to isolate the bevel and drop shadow effects and make them a Black spot color, then create a spot channel ...

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