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Apparently the problem arose because I had commas in the data that I was importing. Illustrator read those as decimals for some reason. Originally, the data in my XML looked like this: <graph1> <data numDataColumns="9"> <values> <row> <value key="name"></value> &...


You may not use clipping masks at all. Just select the group of circles, paint it by clicking with Eyedropper Tool on yellow-red rectangle. And at last align the gradient of the circles using Gradient Tool. That is all.


You can use a script to import data from csv file, but you would have to do some action-engineering when batch-processing the data to do your extra stuff. After data is imported, it's inside the AI document as variable datasets. You batch-process the datasets using the Batch command inside the Actions flyout menu. Then, the fun part is to rig an action to ...

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