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Let's say we have 2 shapes as on your picture (face + head). I make these two shapes overlapping with the face layer below the "head": I duplicate the head layer, Select 1 head and face layers and by Pathfinder operation Minus Back get this perfect match - Next: Let's say you should create long ray as you asked. I choose on Direct Selection Tool ...


Smart guides (ctrl-u / cmd-u) can help, but they aren't always enough, especially on curves. Often it's best to overlapping path lines - if it's solid fill it might be better to just go underneath, and if it's empty outlines it might be better to just stop when you connect the line (like you would if drawing on paper: you wouldn't carefully draw over the ...


Try to use Appearance panel: to change the stroke opacity: And change the colors independently. Also, you can expand the shape and operate stroke shape and a fill shapes as separate objects.


There's a key difference in the selection processes between Photoshop and Illustrator. In Photoshop, everything is a pixel. The background, whether white, black, colored, or transparent are all pixels. So when you create a selection within Photoshop you are selecting those pixels as well as anything which may be visibly different than the background pixels. ...


What I've done after reading this was create any text into outlines. Box select "logo Text" Right click and say "Create Outlines" or Edit > Object > create outlines. This will allow any Export optimized for Art. However I was using this for a logo that will be printed, and not just web use. However I imagine it will be much of the same.

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