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Your best bet is to hire a graphic designer. Attaching four wooden legs to a plank of wood doesn't make you a carpenter, and learning the basics of InDesign doesn't make you a designer. If you're serious about your business and advertising, only a good designer can help effectively communicate your message.


To adjust the gap between the spreads in InDesign you will need to navigate to Guides & Pasteboard... To navigate to this you will go to InDesign -> Preferences -> Guides & Pasteboard...: A panel will appear: Adjust the Vertical Margins: click the button OK and you should see your adjustment:


I would suggest using Illustrator for this. I do this whenever I manually need to tile graphics of different sizes. Example: Say my Blueprint is 17" W x 22" H (4x 8.5x11 sheets) I would create multiple Artboards of 8.5x11 with no spacing. Then place your PDF, File -> Place. Make sure "Link" is checked. Save your PDF, File -> Save As -> Adobe PDF. ...

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