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Well among what could be many answers—right here. We're all different levels of experience, and in different aspects of graphic design. Some more web, others more print, others more technical drawings, etc... But we're all here to help people just like you (and each other, because we don't know everything either). I agree with John Manly's comment. ...


So (1) all text already has a Paragraph Style applied, and (2) you want all of the text with this style in faux bold? Text Stroke is an attribute of text in a Paragraph Style. It's (kind of) hidden under Character Color. By default, the proxy is set to change the fill color, but you can click it to select stroke color. The thickness and some other ...


I had the same problem using CC, and I knew that no document had been modified outside the indb file. My book has individual indd files for each chapter, and my solution for this error was to update the contents page in the first file (layout/update table of contents) As each chapter was updated the error sign disappeared.


In addition to creating your own printer marks or page info, the Registration swatch can be very handy in creating masks. Often a mask consisting of only K will not completely mask a CMYK object. So, using Registration for the mask "black" tends to be more complete. It's not very easy to see in InDesign specifically, but "feather" effects utilize the ...


You're right that it's a little superfluous, especially because InDesign will add any printer marks during export. Registration black is really for adding any custom printer marks or page info. Because registration black will use 100% CMYK for each value, that's 400% ink coverage and should obviously be used in small quantities. Hope that helps?


As far as I know it's not a built-in option. (But I agree that it's yet another example of these "Suite" programs behaving infinitesimally different. Perhaps it should be an option -- and then the same for all three programs!) Did you know you can drag the ruler zero point to any place? If you drag it to the starting point of from where you want to drag, ...


There are no options for that in InDesign, except (in newer InDesign's) wholesale Export to Grayscale PDF. That may not even be necessary if you instruct your print shop to print your document in gray -- although you have more control over the to-gray conversion if you do this yourself beforehand. You cannot physically save the common halftone parameters in ...

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