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Choose magic wand tool set options to: 1, levels Tolerance Anti-alias on Click on background white Holding shift down click inside handle, to add to the existing selection. Invert selection shift+ctrl+I Make a new adjustment layer Solid color, white Apply a layer style of stroke Done. Your values may be different as scale might change things. ...


A good lesson for nearly any graphic design student is to learn how to design without leaning on software automation to do it for you. :) That said, this couldn't be automated very well to begin with. It's simply 'design' in the sense that someone took the time to carefully draw it. As for the particular style, it's 'art deco'...which is quite appropriate ...


Grab the Pen Tool and manually draw two paths - one around the bulk of the pitcher, ignoring the handle, then one around the handle. Then combine the vector/shape layers for the shapes into one layer. Add a stroke if a vector layer, or add a stroke via Layer Styles.


Lauren clearly covered it but I'll post as an answer to accept Choose image > Canvas Size Then input your new canvas size and then select ok


Are your objects grouped when you copy and paste them? I've been able to replicate the behaviour you've found. For some strange reason, I've found copying groups brings in that single pixel line. Grouped: Ungrouped:


Creating a seamlessly repeating pattern image involves making the image yourself, and ensuring it's seamless on all sides in a variety of ways. you can then select it and choose Edit... > Define Pattern.... That adds your chosen image as a pattern to Photoshop's available pattern options. You can load or save new patterns using the Layer Style popup (double ...


Use Free Transform or the 3D-Tools to give the screenshot perspective. Apply a Depth of Field effect by using either Tilt-Shift (Filter > Blur Gallery > Tilt Shift) or Lens Blur (Filter > Blur > Lens Blur) Optionally you can add scanlines, grain and color adjustments. Tutorial on 3D-ToolsTutorial on Lens Blur


It's simpleā€¦ first you can add some scanlines (or not) and then you do a special blur based on perspective. Maybe you can saturate a little bit more the colors, add add some grain.


Of course, all you have to do is have the scale in mind. You can work with whatever size you wish in Illustrator actually, and as long as everything is correctly proportional when scaled up or down (or not scaled at all, for that matter) you will get a sharp and crisp pattern for your garment as the design would be done in vectors. There is a quite ...


The comments on this blog post say CS 5.1 works fine on Yosemite: http://blogs.adobe.com/crawlspace/2014/10/photoshop-and-mac-osx-10-10-yosemite.html

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