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I'm going to assume here that you're not using the pen or shape tools. In this case you'll want to use the live paint tool. Select your design and press the K-key. Then choose a color and start filling. In the future you may want to use the pen tool. This will give you more control.


It should work if you first make a blend between the two stars with specified steps (I chose 18) and then add anchor points to that path.


Let me know of this is not what you're talking about Place your image. Make the shape that will be the clipping mask over the image you want to be clipped. I added a gradient to the circle and made the black end 0% opacity. Select both objects. Go to transparency options and select "create mask" and clip. Your options might be different depending on ...


I think there is a simmilar question recently. I'm bad at finding this simmilar questions. The basic idea is that Ilustrator is using (a different) a color profile. I don't think that that website is using one. There are several variables to change color models. CMYK Profile (and version), RGB color space, color conversion priority, emmbeded color profile. ...


I'm not aware of anything identical (would be great if there is though), but you can achieve something equivalent by: Turn on smart guides (from view menu or toggle with ctrl-U). Move the second object so that it touches and the smart guides tell you it intersects with the other object. This snaps to the intersect so the distance between the edges is ...


If you can use Adobe Acrobat Pro, it's possible to save your PDF from Word as usual, and then optimize them with Acrobat Pro. Depending on the options you choose, it is possible to keep all your URLs and Bookmarks, and even some scripting while still lowering the file size. You might need to make a few tests and not resave your optimize PDF with the same ...


You cannot get a borderless printing if: 1) Your printer cannot print to the edges OR 2) Your paper size is the same size as your layout Using the "fit to page" feature might not print equal white borders all around. If you use a standard printer and you don't mind the white border but want it to be equal on all sides, you should try to do your design ...


The creator of the PDF probably used the same name for different form fields. This results in the mentioned behaviour when filling out the form. So to answer your question: It's not a client side problem.


Photoshop is for editing bitmaps (though it's become more than that now) Illustrator is if creating and editing vectors Indesign is for layout of bitmaps and vectors Simplistic but that's about it

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