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Grab the Rotate tool. With the purple selected, click once at the center guides, then click-drag at the top corner of the purple rectangle to rotate it down to align with the rectangle. Illustrator doesn't really offer any ability to "pivot" an object on a specified axis other than this. There's no internal way to "snap" to more than one point. ... and to ...


Yes, his computer will substitute a font for Helvetica when he views your file. You can avoid this problem by doing one of the following: have your friend install Helvetica change your font to one both of you share turn your Helvetica into outlines (select the text then press command-shift-o) before sharing the file If converting the text into outlines, ...


Okay, you can probably script it to automate this even more but this should get you started in a fairly efficient way of doing it. First, find your phone numbers and replace them with one of the Android+iOS accepted formats. According to Tutsplus: 555-5555 (iPhone Only) (555) 555-5555 (Android + iPhone) +1 (555) 555-5555 (iPhone Only) 555 ...


It's very simple. The trick is start from the right point: press down -> drag handle -> release mouse btn and then just one click on the left point. Here is what i get Because when using drag to create a point, when this point is a joint, it will be a smooth point by default (2 side control handles). Only when it's a starting point, it will has only ...


You should use "conversion" trick of the pen tool - When you make a point and leave the mouse - just click again on that point and it will be converted to what you want : and after conversion -


Let's say you have these 2 shapes: You select them and grab Live Paint Bucket tool: Next, you just choose the color and click on the area you want to paint: To get shape of filled colors you should use expand command.


select both shapes and use live paint

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