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I don't think you need a script or plugin for that. Just go to the links window, look for the name of the missing file and search for it in the default operation system search engine.


If all the labels are consistent in appearance and the only changes that will be needed is text on the label -- I'd use PDF forms. It is a simple matter to create a PDF form which allows any user to input form field data (text) in specific areas. Using a PDF form ensures a few things: Editing is easy on the end user. They click and type, then save or ...


All of these answers seem very legitimate and probably above my skill level, so I may offer more basic feedback. First, let's ask some important questions to narrow it down: Does your project manager have InDesign, and is he comfortable working with it/editing files? If so, we can go from there. If not, there's no reason to waste your time. Figure out ...


There are roughly four options. Here are three I wouldn't recommend: Bundle the InDesign file with File > Package, as discussed by Vincent ("Generally a Bad Idea™." to let a client loose with InDesign) Get them a copy of Adobe InCopy, which is designed for this purpose (editing text in InDesign files). However, it costs money, and while I've not used it ...


Generally, sending an InDesign file to a non-designer is a Bad Idea™. InDesign has quite a steep learning curve for one, and project managers are prone to edit more things than you ask them when you send them source files. On top of that, sending a native (source) file to a customer is not a very good move as a designer, for it contains lots of ...


Yes you can do it, very sample, save as your old slice file and delete background image you can see all the slices will be there. copy or drag your new image on your 1st file there have slices and enjoy. I hope tip will be useful for you


I have dealt with this in the past, and it's quite an easy solution: You simply add a white box behind your document in the PDF editor. Source: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1087337

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