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I'm not sure if this is your situation but I have encountered something like this when I place an eps file that consists of spot colors. They will be added to your swatches pallet but you wont be able to delete or edit them. I just opened the linked eps file and changed the colors from spot to cmyk.

0 Try this out. It's a free resource that helps me a good bit.


You can use Adobe Animate 2015. It supports SVG.


Those may be artefacts created by your .pdf viewer. Those are especially common when you view a print-ready cPDF on a screen. If you zoom in on the .pdf and they are still a single pixel wide or less, then they are artefacts and will not show in print.


Actually the bloat effect is adding on the brown base even after the subtraction. It means the effect will add on the new subtracted base which creates the shape like in Image 2. Here is one of my way to make my object editable without the previous effects affecting. 1. After created the base and added the effect of bloat 2%. You may see that the actual ...

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