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In Illustrator's preferences there is an option to change an objects bounding box: Use Preview Bounds With this selected the bounding box of an object (and therefor what is affected by alignment etc.) takes in to account any and all appearances that object has, including drop shadows or any other effects. Turn this option off and your bounding box will ...


When we change the text align of an text object of "Point Type" the position of this object will move. In order to avoid this behavior, we have to change the type of the text block to "Area type". Go to "Type" menu and select "Convert to Area Type".


Usually you don't 'visually' center it the way you explained it, but you use the preferred, default usage PS showed you. That said, it is a personal preference. If you have CAPITALS they don't center visually HTML headings that are inline don't center visually First example On the wordpress homepage for example, they have these quotes: They don't ...


When you're using the Align Objects tool, it's not the outline/path of the object that gets aligned but instead it's the bounding box. Make sure your bounding box isn't extending beyond the edge of the circle, for some reason. See if your bounding box is turned on by going to the View menu and choosing "View Bounding Box". If your bounding box is out of ...


If I understand the problem, there are several ways to do this: Enable the "Snap to page border" snapping option, then just drag the object towards the corner With the object selected, you can manually set the X and Y coordinates from the toolbar With the object selected, press Ctrl+Shift+X to open the XML editor and change the X and Y manually


Background Found out what I needed to do! The culprit is Adobe's so-called "Smart Guides"; they do not have an option in the View > Snap menu, which is why I went around and around for hours without figuring out a way to disable them. I hit up Google again today, and eventually discovered that the offending feature was called "Smart Guides", so I turned ...

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