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To my eye, the columns between image are so wide that I perceive the images as three columns. If this is your intention, then the spacing is appropriate. If grouping by column is not your intention, then I would tighten the images a little bit. I also perceive the difference in the top and side margins of the enclosing green square to be too big. Below I ...


As others have said, and OP has acknowledged, the aesthetics of the brand standards aren't great. That said, if you have to follow them, one design solution may be something like this, where you can still right-justify the "bulleted" text, without using bullets. An element like a short vertical rule on the righthand side of each separate section, as a bullet ...


It is possible tough a bit tricky. Add a extra tab, at the beginning of each bullet, that is right aligned. Then adjust your tabs until it works out.       Image 1 Right aligned text with vertically aligning bullets.


Illustrator perform methods for drawing on screen differently than CAD. Illustrator draw everything mathematically. CAD are using calculations to show accurate, but not mathematically precise on screen. In your example: you just need to understand that it's not possible to draw half pixel on screen (even on retina displays) and mach it with other half pixel ...


It is worth noting that the pixel grid and document grid are separate items, with separate snap settings. Check in the menu View > Snap to Grid to turn on/off the document grid. If it is just new objects that are snapping, also check in the Transform panel options for Align New Objects to the Pixel Grid.


I had the same problem completely randomly. I resolved it by checking 'use preview bounds'

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