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@Hank I agree with @Alex. Looks like you have some kerning issues. I would select all and zero out your kerning. Just tried it and I'm getting it center without issue.


Invisible Characters shouldn't affect the size of a text box in InDesign. I'd suggest there may be a space at the end of your sentence, but I can't see a 'dot'. Try the following: Make sure there isn't a right-indent applied to the paragraph. Select the text box and double-click on the bottom-right handle. This will snap the box to fit the text. ...


You can adjust the default increment by which AI moves an object, when using the arrow keys. In your preferences, select the General tab Edit your keyboard increment to whichever value you'd like


Check that one or both of your shapes aren't aligning to the Pixel Grid. Select your shapes Open the Transform palette Make sure Align to Pixel Grid is unticked. When working on small shapes at a high zoom level, I sometimes find this can cause shapes to shift or warp slightly.


It is easier to work with a square before it is rotated. Create a square using the Rectangle Tool (M). Either click on the artboard to enter the dimensions or drag-n-draw. Then go to Object -> Transform -> Move. Enter a horizontal distance and leave vertical distance at 0. Select both squares and go to Object -> Transform -> Move. Enter a vertical distance ...


I think it is justified correctly. The problem is that you have lengthy words and a narrow text box. It's already putting as many words as it can fit on each line. educational = 11 chars organizations = 13 chars

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