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Well, you are telling the program you want the text to fill the width of the text box, no matter what. So when there's too little text, the program must fill the rest with spaces. This is the expected behavior. The last line in a paragraph should not be justified, so make sure you are using paragraph breaks and not carriage returns. You can check this by ...


In CC, press the pop-out menu to enable the additional options. Select "Show Options" Then it will be available. Select the "Align To" button and choose "Align to Artboard."


Align with Key Object is meant to work as follows: Select more than one object Left click on one of the selected objects with the Select Tool (black arrow). This marks one object as the "Key Object". You will see a bold outline around the Key Object. Then choose Align with Key Object out of the Align to: list. Use one of the Align functions and the Key ...


I would need to know a bit more about its usage and functionality to make a better answer, but with the information I have... You could keep it simple by putting the arrows on the circles and using just one line. Something like this:


Straight forward: Select all the layers you want to distribute, click on the first then shift click on the last if they are adjacent. Otherwise, use the Ctrl-Click on at a time to select them From the menu, choose Layer/Distribute/Bottom edges They will be equally spaced between the first and the last Of course, if you do not have enough space to ...


As both softwares are vector based you could take advantage of those InDesign features and then export/copy the shapes to Illustrator. There's nothing similar in Illustrator to the feature you described. If it was me I would use Indesign to somehow create the base design and then copy the shape to Illustrator and proceed from there.

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