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The (2) and (3) look better. What's important is that it looks good, and it will look good if you have a nice balance and a good alignment! But: Because you have a year at the end of your title, I would recommend using the (3) with all the text aligned to the left. If you use centered for the title with that year, it will look ugly when you'll have long ...


This happens because some characters like 'S' and 'O' slightly higher than 'I'. You could convert the text into outline Type > Create Outline and place it to the top left corner. By enabling Smart Guides (CTRL + U) you could easily position the text.


The empty impression is caused by the image not the text. Take imdb.com as an example and look how they fill all the box with the image. For me the way to go is left aligned text for readability and consistency and then playing with the sizes of containers and images depending on the proportions of each one. I would not recommend "tall and skinny" ...


I’ve used the following method to center one or more layers between any two points: Create your new text (or whatever) layer(s) between the two points (put it off-center a little so that you will see it move when you finally center it). Add a new transparent layer over your entire graphic (and make sure it is the active layer). Call it guide layer or ...


Select your layers on the layer palette And then do what you need to do up top (align and distribute)


As far as I can remember, there is no straight forward (select layers, click one button) way of doing this, but one simple solution of doing it is to pull a guideline that will stick to the bottom of object A and then drag object B toward the guideline which will make it stick to it. And there you have it.


...View turn on Snap, make sure Snap To Layer is one of the activated options in that same menu. Positioning Elements with Snapping


First set Left Indent to where you'd like the text to start from and then set First Line Indent minus that amount.


This is a technique called overshooting (or overhanging). The reason why we use overshooting is because the way we perceive things as humans (at least in terms of pure mathematics) is inaccurate. Don't believe me? Let me explain: Consider this image: Does the circle and triangle feel like they have the same weight to you? The truth is that they have ...


The concept at play here is that your eye (i.e. your brain) processes curves differently than it does straights. In a manner somewhat similar to how you "see" a halftone as a smooth tone, your eye finds an averaged location as the perceived "edge" of a curved letterform. Your positioning of your logoforms is "correct" according to this notion. The key of ...


Yup, these are legitimate things and they have names. "Visual alignment", or, "Optical alignment" This is the general principle - you're aligning by eye by what visually looks right, rather than by rule. It's used not just in typography but anywhere visual consistency is important, for example in designing icon sets - making icons with curves look neat ...


If you look at many fonts you'll notice that the curvature of the letter 's' pierces the perfect alignment of the baseline and of many other small letters. And as a general rule round shapes tend to do this - pierce the baseline of straight edges. I had an article about this phenomenon, and why it happens, somewhere in my bookmarks but the link evades me at ...


I don't have any articles to back it up, but I can tell you from experience that you are correct. Just like manual kerning, spacing and aligning letterforms (and other objects) like this is part science, part art. Let your eye and gut guide you rather than exact numbers and math.


Hopefully the following experience helps anyone with a particularly persistent problem with not being able to paste into the center of an [adobe cc 2015] illustrator window. It's thorough and you can skip to the end if you "know" you've done "everything". It's for the googler, like me who just can't seem to figure it out the paste-centre problem in an ...


just by aligning vertically and horizontally but make sure you have aligned to artboard not to selection

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