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I donot know how to scale.But you try press alt+shift then scale your object. Or You can re-install illustrator. Thanks


Referring to align to key object: to determine the key object, select the first object, and then, while pressing the select button, selecting the second one, it will declare the first object as the key object, as referred to above. If you don't do this and select the 2 objects at the same time, it will not give you the option align to key object but align to ...


Select the oval with the Move tool (V). Choose the Reflect tool (O, might be hidden under the Rotate tool in the toolbox). Press and hold Left Alt to have three dots show up with your reflect cursor. While still holding, click your vertical axis/guide. Enabling Smart Guides (Control/Option+U or View > Smart Guides) may help getting your click location ...


Lock everything except the oval you want to move. Draw a box on the right-hand side which aligns to your three guides. Group the box and the oval. Flip a copy of it vertically (I think — I always screw up the axis) so that the left side of the square, the one along the center axis, stays on the center guide going through the center of the steering ...

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