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After trying a bunch of Windows applications, I haven't found anything equivalent to Sketch for Windows. And no, Illustrator and such are NOT Sketch alternatives. Fireworks is probably the closest, and it's no longer supported by Adobe. It seems that they are now creating a copy "heavily inspired by Sketch" app: Project Comet. We'll see how it goes, but ...


According to Google Material Design guidelines: yes. You can even see the desired effect in this video: Buttons in motion video


It may be slightly easier to work at mdpi. For asset creation, hdpi is 1.5x those at mdpi, xhdpi is 2x, xxhdpi is 3x. So, for an asset that is 100px square, for example, you'll have assets which are (100px (m), 150px (h), 200px (xh), 300px (xxh)). If you do need to work at hdpi as your base, create assets for xhdpi that are a third bigger and for xxhdpi ...

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