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Yes, it works in and OS based PC, and Android - including Remix Mini...And Chromebook Pixlr, is a web-based photo editing tool there are a couple flavors, but that will get you started. JLH


Designing at 100% scale just means designing at the size (in pixels) that you will be displaying/outputing your icon at. If you are designing a 24px × 24px icon, you set up your artboard in Illustrator or document in Photoshop or whatever else you are using to 24px × 24px. As quoted from the Material Design guide, this is for pixel accuracy. If you work at ...


This a tough one, as Sketch is pretty amazing. Photoshop is currently adding in Sketch-like features, trying to catch up. And Adobe is also, as previously mentioned, now pushing their new Adobe Experience Design app. But, it's Mac only for now. I'd look at signing up for Affinity Designer's Windows beta. (Currently Mac only but just recently revealed that ...

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