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The animation was built in the code itself (js, html, css)


The author of Sublime Text, Jon Skinner, wrote a small python script: Instead, I wrote a small Python script that takes a collection of PNG frames as input, and emits a single packed PNG file as output, which contains all the differences between the frames, and some JSON meta-data specifying which bits of the packed PNG file correspond to each ...


Window > Timeline Click the Create Video Timeline button. Timeline Panel Menu choose Convert Frames > Covert to Frame Animation Timeline Panel Menu choose Make Frames from Layers From there you have to manually alter timing, tweening, sequences, etc.


There are no open source programs becouse flash is a propietary technology. So you need to use the adobe flash software. You can use it in a trial period of some days. First you need to decompile the exe. The only free usable program I ever found to make simple flash animations, for example a banner, is http://vectorian.com/ but it can not open swf files. ...

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