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GIFs For most simple animations, a gif is often the best way to go, especially when they don't require much interaction, are as detailed as the illustration you linked and don't need to have a dynamic width (gifs, like any image, can be blurry at times if their widths is changed). The animation you linked could be just a gif and a transparent overlay to ...


In my experience, when doing static animations (animations that are not intended for any interaction with the user) I found that what best worked for me was animating the illustrations in After Effects and after that exporting the final result to a .GIF file. This makes the animation absolutely browser-friendly and guarantees identical visualisation in any ...


I would say that you'd want an uncompressed video of the animation; typically, those are wrapped in a MOV container.


Not sure what the issue is. Opening your top GIF with Photoshop CC2014 suffers from the same stop half way through. However, I was able to access all frames by: Opening your top gif with Fireworks CS6 Export as animated GIF Open that new animated GIF with Photoshop CC2014 Then, and only then, were all frames present in Photoshop. Here's the gif after ...

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