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There is the APNG (Animated PNG) format, which has actually been around for a long time. Browser support is patchy at best though and support in image editing programs is even worse. APNG is an unofficial extension to PNG and was officially rejected by the PNG group. You can see some examples of animated PNGs here (you'll need to make sure you're using a ...


Here is a free web site for doing this (that, however, allows only for producing low quality GIFs): Another software is Morpheus Photo Morpher, which is not free but seems to be more powerful and equally easy to use.


Your movie clip 'piechartmask1' has a blank keyframe at the end of its timeline, and that's why it is disappearing (flickering out). You could shorten the symbol to be only a single frame in duration; it would then not need an actions layer or a stop command and would persist indefinitely.


How can I create/export SVG's that contain stroke, stroke-width, stroke-dasharray, and stroke-dashoffset fields? With Inkscape this is really easy: Create stroke: Draw or import your object, select the object, then simply pick a color from the palette while holding Shift or set the stroke directly in the "Fill and Stroke" menu (Shift+Ctrl+F). The ...


Let us asume the numbers on the article you quoted are acurate. 11.5 hours average per frame, per cpu. Your 4000 years is on one cpu. If you have 12,500 cpus it is a simple division. 4000 / 12,500 = .32 years. Like 3 and a half months. But that would be just raw time. Assuming all magicly apeared ready to render.

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