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There's really no such thing as a high-quality gif. The format was developed in the early 1990s and is limited to 256 colours, one of which may be fully transparent. Best you can do is optimize it for the current background colour, and choose fills & blends that do not involve a lot of intermediate shades. If you want a basic spinner / throbber icon ...


Gifs only support 1bit transparency (meaning that a pixel is either fully transparent or not at all), so depending your case you might use dithering option (old-fashioned) or match the matte color with your background color. You can find a former and complete answer in this thread: How can I remove white pixels around circles when exporting this to gif? Or, ...


The easiest way might be to: Make a background layer fill it with white. With your line drawn character on the top layer, flatten the image. Magic Wand the white on the outside of the character and hit delete. This should leave you with the white character! Hope that works!


[#] Guide Layers are only visible in the current composition, but not in other compositions or the final render. For e.g. In terms of working in a subcomposition, it can be useful to see the footage of the main composition. In this case, you can copy the footage to the subcomposition and turn it into a guide layer by Selecting the Layer, go to Layer > ...

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