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FWIW: You can switch to Design Space to change the size and position of the artboard(s). Rearrange your artboard and move your nested layers according to your changes. Should be an acceptable workaround. Photoshop Design Space (Preview) Artboard Controls (Design Space) In Photoshop Standard, width and height is all you can set.


Because Adobe didn't build that functionality into Photoshop artboards... or Illustrator artboards for that matter. There's nothing you can do about it.


Click the art-board layer on the left, there in the right panel you will see the size of an art-board, just readjust according to your need.


This is now a built-in feature as of 2014 in Adobe Illustrator CC. You'll find it under Type > Area Type Options > Auto Size.


You can share the whole file via creative cloud with extract enabled. This will allow your customer to view the file as is, and switch layers on and off etc.


I recommend you to check these tips for Adobe Artboards http://designmodo.com/photoshop-artboards/. They are very useful for beginners.


This happened to me too. Usually you can just click in an artboard to make it active, but for some reason it stopped working. What worked for me was to restart Illustrator (does restarting work for everything?). Hope this helps.

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