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I'll offer some strategies rather than specific apps to use: Define which assets will be re-used Files that are only used for a particular project can/should be stored separately from files that will get re-used frequently. For us, we only access project-based files occasionally, so the ability to tag and browse them isn't vital, but security is. ...


Sounds like a perfect case for Adobe Bridge. How Should Adobe Bridge Be Used? The entire point of Bridge is to create an easily searchable, tagable database of all your assets. Additionally, you should make sure you have a file storage system which is easy to understand and well organized. Whether that's by client, by date, or some other method is up to ...


You shouldn't store them if you always have internet connection. I'm usually removing them after usage. If I need to re use them, I just store related file(s). In internet millions of mockups there and they always updating. So you don't need to store.

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