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InDesign indeed is not performing enough with such huge documents. Once that said, you can think of a script that will generate documents one record at a time. But given the extensive amount of documents to produce, you may consider PDF/VT solutions like DesignMerge from Meadows Publishing, XMPie from Xerox, SmartStream designer from HP or Callas PDFChip. ...


XML won't allow native QRCode generation. I did use it in a recent workflow thanks to scripting on top of xml import. If you build dozens of such documents you may want to consider catalog assembly dedicated tools such as EasyCatalog. Those generally ease all the steps ;)


I think you can use "Generate Assets" (Avaible in Photoshop CC) Visit Adobe Page


I'm not used to scripting with Photoshop so I'm not sure if there is a way to get PathPointInfo to work in pixels—seems there should be—but I can't find it. One solution is to just change the document resolution to 72PPI. You can save the initial resolution at the beginning of the script, change to 72PPI then change back to the initial resolution once you ...


Word and excell? Even excell has a limited table capacity, so split the data. You also can try a server side script like php and use mysql to store your data. But I have the feeling that the Datamatrix barcode is the one that is slowing the process, if it is generated on the fly.


You can operate on the PDF file, there are software that can merge pages in a PDF. This is fast as its basically just a append operation to the PDF file. (you can do this with a text editor if you must). Off course you lose the features of inDesign. On a similar note you can let the printer add the changes, or inject the change just before print, by ...

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