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Indesign comes with a script called findchangebylist.jsx. It does exactly what you want, but it's pretty tedious to use. So tedious, that many people have created scripts for this same task. I would recommend checking some of these out: Find Change By Queries My personal favorite. Easy to use. Multi-Find/Change 2.0 ( Indesign and Incopy ) Extension An ...


Just add in a vector graphic of your watermark. Then you can scale to any size without ruining degrading the look and feel of the watermark


I would check out this tutorial. This might help.


Open your image add a layer mask / shrink the image / crop the layer (but keep the image size) add your bevel effect and the shadow Save as a transparent PNG Bonus: your shadow will be visible over backgrounds of any color, not only white anymore!


the plugin from are really helpful to reduce styles. not the original ones from sketch but craft makes its own list you can easily edit


InDesign's data merge is one option. InDesign Help / Data merge Create a CSV file that lists all the glyphs you want to place in your document. The first line should be the title of the record (which isn't important, it's only the placeholder you'll see in InDesign). Each character/glyph should be on a new line. For example: Create your InDesign ...

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