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Note: There's going to have to be some manual labor here not matter how you look at it. Suggestion Try to figure out a way to take all of the photos so that the sphere is in the exact same location every time. Possible Solution Create an action to crop the images. Start with a selection like this I used the magic wand with the Tolerance set to ...


This is done pretty easily with ImageMagick's primitive draw command. The following command should output a 100px x 100px red image. convert -size 100x100 xc:white -fill "rgb(255,0,0)" \ -draw "rectangle 0,0 100,100" FF0000.jpg Use whatever command line scripting you're familiar with to automate this and loop it over all 16.7 million possible RGB ...


Use variables within Illustrator. Variables are designed so that you create a basic layout and designate what text is to be changed with each instance. You then link to an external document containing that list of items to use in the steps, in your case the CSV file. Here's a link to the Adobe Help Files explaining the use of variables within Illustrator: ...


It is is currently not possible to modify SVG styles in the browser, however this is set to change soon, once the SVG2 specification is finalized and adopted by vendors. However W3 use a polyfill script on the aforementioned article to emulate the effect


Marc Autret's IndexMatic is still the king of the hill for InDesign indexing: To index singular and plural forms—or other variants—under the same heading, the best way is to extend the original words to regular expressions. Here is the most common example, including the letter 's' at the end of the word: /cats?/ => cat which can be also ...


http://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/quick-tip-data-driven-graphics-using-illustrators-variables-panel--vector-5604 Illustrator variables / data-driven documents: how to batch-export one file for each data set? two links that should help you out


http://rj-graffix.com/software/plugins.html#proofblock proofing block or masthead software 3rd party plugins

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