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You automate this with scripting, not actions, because you will need variables. You can just loop through the Layers panel and export everything. You can write scripts in AppleScript or JavaScript. Adobe Photoshop Scripting


Create a new action and hit record. Go to canvas, select relative and type -5 into the height, set the crop to crop the bottom section. Stop the the recording of the action. Go to File > Automate > Batch The latest saved action should be selected, if it's not, pick it. Run the action on the folder (pick the target folder) or opened files (I don't ...


If you already have an photos ready (100x100 px width) you can use an online tool like collage maker. On the photojoiner collage maker set the Width to 200px and height to 800px, then click on "8" from "CHOOSE TEMPLATE", then select a template with 2 rows and 8 columns (pretty much the grid you looking for). once you finish adding ...

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