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To remove a monochrome background we can add an alpha layer replacing the background color by transparency. To leave the foreground objects non-transparent we may have to make a selection of the background by fuzzy select (magic wand tool) or by color selection. Hair may need to be unselected manually in addition. It is also a good idea to generously ...


1 - Make a quick selection with quick selection tool (w) 2 - Edit your selection select> refine edge 3 - Choose On layers View mode 4 - Define Edge detection to a correct radius (depends on resolution of your image), check Smart radius 5 - Adjust edge with different variables. 6 - Use Refine radius tool (E) on hair or fur 6 - Sometimes, you will ...


There's a lot of techniques for this, the secret to find them is a thing called Google :) Spoongraphics - handy techniques for cutting out hair in Photoshop Peachpit - extracting hair


Personally I would normally put a background color that stands out and by hand remove the background elements. This is a personal option as it comes out better than any select tool. --Edit To allow you more information on the way I would do this I shall do a step by step. Sorry im at work so Images will have to come later. I would remove as much of the ...

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