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Assuming that you want this image to retain its existing dimensions, there are several ways to accomplish what you are asking: Draw a rectangle over the image, adjust the Fill to 0 and add a stroke a few pixels larger than the white space to cover and make sure the stroke is the same color as the image background. Adjust the size of the rectangle to extend ...


You need to also trace the spaces from inside the letters with closed spaces, as for your example, A, P and A again from MANIPAL and ALSO, if you look closely, the R from University and P,R,D and B from INSPIRED BY. Also, if you are a pixel perfect perfectionist, you should also look at the "letters" from above the logo, there are some closed spaces between ...


Another term could be "Isolated Image"


Delete button works even on locked layer if you press cmd+delete


What I do to remove a solid background is to go to Select>Color range. Here I pick the color of the background, make adjustments like adding new shades of the color from the background (in case background has different shades of the same color), or removing extra selections outside the background (in case there are objects of the same color as the ...

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