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double clik on the background layer to unlock him.. so you convert the background to a normal layer wich support the transparency .. then do what others say above ..


You are using Photoshop Cs6 version and confuse to remove the background of your photos by eraser tool. Here I wrote a complete guide related to eraser tool to remove all kinds of backgrounds. I hope this tutorial will helpful for you.


That answer might not be what you want but if this was my project, I would isolate the easy elements, and then trace back the wires. It's quite easy if you hold the shift key from one point to the other to trace straight lines. You can also do that part in Illustrator. That picture is very delicate and trying to cut out the wires or using channels or ...


First duplicate the image. Try with the magic wand adding every slice within the cables, it's a bit tedious but with the right tolerance it should work. If the cables are too thin you can duplicate the layer and try to adjust the levels or merge several copies in colorburn, or other options in order to make the cables thicker. This is just for the wand ...


You can use Adobe Photoshop. Go to Select -> Color range. While holding down Shift, click on the color you need to remove (black in your case). Press ok. Then all your black will be selected; now hit delete.

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