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I don't know for sure if there's a way to export a PDF from Numbers without keep all document information (background included)... My guess is that there is not. However, if you just need the numerical data from the Numbers doc, why not save it as an .xlsx file? You definitely CAN import that doc type into InDesign, the same way you'd import/place a photo ...


This video might help you! Steps shown in video: Create a new layer, Create clipping mask over the layer on which color is to be removed Switch blending mode of new layer to color (3rd last) Paint with care (Resampling again and again for color tones) Done!


I opened a few of the SVGs in Inkscape, the grid is just an object. In Inkscape, just single click the grid and press the Delete key. You can single click and drag the grid, just to make certain that you selected it and not part of the icon.

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