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What would have been nice is if they added the "clear"(delete) button to the right click menu. Right click then clear & done! Easy one hand operation rather then 2 hands. Just my personal choice really. In fact, just make it so that you can put just about any option you would like in the right click menu. SWEET! ^^ Adobe, please check it. :D


To delete the area in the selection: Make sure that the layer is NOT LOCKED. Press delete. Otherwise, if it is locked, the fill dialogue will appear.


The easiest way you can do this is by unchecking the contiguous (marked yellow in screenshot) location when selecting the white colour with magic wand. This will select only those areas which you want. To get exact colour or colour range you can set the Tolerance as per your image. Here is an screenshot with my imaginary image.


The quickest option I would use if you are only removing white background, is on the layers panel, create a new layer under your image with the desired background colour / photo etc. then on the layer you are trying to remove the white from, select the option "multiply" from the dropdown next to the opacity %. similarly "screen" will do the same thing for ...

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