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It's possible to do this with something like Paint Shop Pro (other image-processing packages are available) Select the out-of-focus area [irregular selection] and Sharpen it. Invert the selection to select the rest of the image and make it a neutral colour (not white, an off-white) Invert the selection again to select the original area of your head and add ...


You have to press Cmd+X ("Cut") to delete a marked section in Photoshop CS6.


After google-searching this problem and not being too happy with everyone else's "fixes", I have come up with my own TWO solutions to this problem of the Delete key bringing up a fill dialogue box instead of just simply deleting the selection: 1) Use 32bit Photoshop. When I use 32bit PS CS5, the Delete key works exactly as it always has before. In 64bit ...


To remove a monochrome background we can add an alpha layer replacing the background color by transparency. To leave the foreground objects non-transparent we may have to make a selection of the background by fuzzy select (magic wand tool) or by color selection. Hair may need to be unselected manually in addition. It is also a good idea to generously ...

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