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There is no fix for this as far as I know. Illustrator doesn't treat white as a color, but as a lack of color. So changing the documents background color changes how white, or rather the absence of color, is displayed. The background color will also alter any colors you place on it. This makes sense if you imagine how things print in the real world – you ...


A batch command for your images is not possible. The backgrounds vary far too much for any extraction to be automated. Each of your posted image would require manual alteration of a mask/extraction to maintain quality. If you reshoot the photos on a greens screen then you may be able to achieve some automation in removal of a single solid color (green ...


Check and see that you are showing the transparency grid in Illustrator. View > Show Transparency Grid. Perhaps the transparency is there and you are not seeing because of Illustrator's default white "canvas". You may want to Place your .psd or .png file instead of opening it directly. This would especially be the case if you are using the image as part of ...


Open image in Photoshop Go to Filters > Other > Offset Adjust vertical offset so that the image seam is in the middle of the image Use the liquify tool to seamlessly connect the ribbons together Fail miserably Consider trimming all excess whitespace, and use background-size: contain instead More info on the background-size property

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