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Try something here : If you don't want any triangles, just put Variance & Cell Size at minimum. You got quite some examples to try, and all of them are using radient, maybe it will gave you the idea. Plus, you can download them at the size you want. Maybe if you reduce the size to the IPhone screen & put some ...


Make sure your image has a transparent background in Photoshop save the file. In Illustrator place the .psd file then go to Object and Image Trace choose Make and Expand, ungroup the image and remove the background.


I had the same issue and although I couldn't find the root cause, I found that opening the .ai file in photoshop then printing from photoshop solved the issue. You can always save it as a .pdf from photoshop which will also print fine.


1. Create a new layer above your artwork. 2. Create a shape over the whole artboard (or the area you want the texture applied to). 3. Apply your Grain (Effects → Texture → Grain). 4. With your textured shape selected, open the transparency palette (Window → Transparency) and change the blending mode. Different blending modes will have different ...

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