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The intro to The Shining has a few nice overhead shots of forests. The lighting is a little extreme, but maybe there's something there you can use for reference. Here's a 1080p clip of it: https://youtu.be/kiV3J_e977Q?t=20s


I would consider looking into architectural illustrations as a possible source of ideas for this. A quick Google Image Search using, "Architecture illustration aerial" found these, and others, as results. Thinking this is the type of stuff you're after though you didn't give any example so could be entirely wrong:


While I'm sure there are tools to assist with a technique like your desired look, I was having trouble finding them. :\ But I did find some good tutorials that may give you the insight you'd like. Vectorboom has a fairly straight forward one - http://vectorboom.com/load/tutorials/effects/polygonal_vector_mosaic/3-1-0-305 <-- this one assumes you are ...


I find a source explain the way to create Low poly background: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ufq0jdzhQH4 I eventually found this method, it is very easy to do, and also very fast too.


You can replicate this in Photoshop, but there's no "automatic" and easy ways to do it. It's close to doing digital painting at this point and you need to have some skills in shadow/highlights. Basically, what you'll need to do to create this effect is: Isolate the subject (the man, in this example) Select a rich black for your background Apply some ...

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