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A batch command for your images is not possible. The backgrounds vary far too much for any extraction to be automated. Each of your posted image would require manual alteration of a mask/extraction to maintain quality. If you reshoot the photos on a greens screen then you may be able to achieve some automation in removal of a single solid color (green ...


You can do this with actions & the batch automation feature within Photoshop. To accomplish a colored or transparent background with new size dimensions, you'd create an action set (folder icon) and create an action within that set for each color you're looking to batch. Step 1: Create the action Record yourself resizing the canvas for future ...


I have received a perfect answer at another (non-English) site, let me publish it here for those who may have the same question in future. mogrify -extent 640x640 -gravity Center -fill white *.jpg (the mogrify command is a part of ImageMagick)

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