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You should use "Smart Object". Like that: I use Smart Objects frequently when working on mockups that use repeatable content. Say, for example, I'm working on a homepage design that shows excerpts from my 3 most recent blog posts. They're going to be about the same length and size, so I decide to just repeat the same excerpt three times to see how that will ...


Try using Image > Crop after you've made your selection. You could also assign the Crop command to a keyboard shortcut to fire it off with just one key. (Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts > Image > Crop).


I can see two ways of doing that: Using IDD scripting Working with the IDML format and make the substitutions inside the file with Java/PHP or any other programming language. If you are not already familiar with the IDML format, then the first option it's probably the best option for you, given the complexity of the format itself. I'd probably use ...

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