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You automate this with scripting, not actions, because you will need variables. You can just loop through the Layers panel and export everything. You can write scripts in AppleScript or JavaScript. Adobe Photoshop Scripting


Lots of ways of doing this but this is the quickest I've found Right-click on a layer or layer group and select Export As... Change the scale to 50% and set format options Hit Export All... There's a specific function for exporting assets at different pixel densities in the top left of this dialog, but it looks like it's designed for people editing @1x ...


Create a new action and hit record. Go to canvas, select relative and type -5 into the height, set the crop to crop the bottom section. Stop the the recording of the action. Go to File > Automate > Batch The latest saved action should be selected, if it's not, pick it. Run the action on the folder (pick the target folder) or opened files (I don't ...


I'm not certain if you're asking if there's a way to replace automatically links that have new file names or update all links without doing it manually. So these are probably very simple ways you already know. Unfortunately I don't know any script or plugin that can replace different files with different names. To update all links that are in the same ...

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