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If you use Windows and have MS Office, there are a couple of add-ins out there that would merge the Excel data onto a series of PowerPoint slides, one slide per word, in a few seconds. You could then save the slides out as images (PNG, JPG, etc) from PowerPoint. If you whisper stuff like merge excel powerpoint to google, it'll lead you to these add-ins. ...


Open your image add a layer mask / shrink the image / crop the layer (but keep the image size) add your bevel effect and the shadow Save as a transparent PNG Bonus: your shadow will be visible over backgrounds of any color, not only white anymore!


It's really easy. Calculate the distance between each icon, and the size of each one. Then go to the Artboard palette and add the amount of artboards according to the numbers of icons that you have. Reorganize the artboards through the menu: Object → Artboard → Rearrange. Specify the columns and the distance of each artboards to fit in every single icon.


Duplicate layer Autocrop copy Figure out the size and offsets of a potential square crop of the layer from the cropped width, height and offsets. remove copy crop the original layer using gimp-layer-resize Something like this: # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- #!/usr/bin/env python import os, sys from gimpfu import * def squareCrop(image,layer): pdb....

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