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Check this vid: http://youtu.be/T6MSeBXerbI It explains how to setup and use macro's to record and execute actions which is just what you need(ed).


In order for you to move multiple artboards at once, you'll have to do a batch select by Shift-Clicking the artboards' titles you want to move, and then drag all of them around by Click-Dragging a title. You cant move multiple artboards at once by Drag-Selecting them.


Hit the Esc key. It may take a moment for it to stop.


Depending on whether you want different-sized images to fit different-sized boxes or if all the images and image boxes are the same size, things could change a lot in this type of workflow. Pasting ±135 images into InDesign doesn't seem like a lot of work, though (imagine making a 200 page catalog with 10 products per page). So, it's actually very quick to ...

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