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And the operating system is ...? for file in *dmg do nrdmg=${file/*_/} nr=${nrdmg/.*/} name=*_$nr.jpg bn=$(basename $name .jpg); echo mv $file $bn.dmg done If that looks good, remove the "echo". This will work out of the box on a unixiod system with bash as shell, i.e. Linux, maybe MacOS. There is a free sh-Implementation for ...


You can utilize ImageMagick's montage command to make this easy. For an example, I split an image into 9 pieces and used a similar naming scheme: The following three commands will join them into three columns of images: montage img_000_*.gif -tile 1x3 -geometry +0+0 col0.gif montage img_001_*.gif -tile 1x3 -geometry +0+0 col1.gif montage img_002_*.gif ...

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