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I am suprised nobody has mentioned this before. There are superior image saving techniques than Photoshop. You can mess with Adobe exporting for days and you will get much better quality with different tools. Lot of times you save 60% more while having identical image quality. If you optimize the images in a good way, you will find that JPEGs are good for ...


If it's an image with text for a post on social media, PNG turns out better / text is crisper. (specifically Facebook)


The rule of thumb is to use JPEG for photos, and PNG for graphics. Of course, there are instances where this rule doesn't apply, but usually this is the best choice. The advantage of JPEG is that it can compress large, detailed images to workable file sizes. PNG works better for images that have straight lines and geometric shapes (lines that shouldn't ...


For me... with no transparency.. whichever is smaller (kb). Save for Web in Adobe apps allows you to switch between formats to compare resulting file sizes. I simply switch between PNG24 and JPG to compare the resulting sizes. I start with JPG medium (30) and check quality. Then compare to the PNG24 size. If JPG 30 is smaller.... I start stepping up by ...

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