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You want the Threshold function. It lets you set a cutoff value, where all pixels lighter than that value become white, and all others become black. The Threshold function can be found at Image>Adjustments>Threshold.


The issue isn't how to convert it into black and white but what you should do from the get go to make sure it is black and white. What you have is feathering around your image. This is usually from the brush tool as Photoshop is trying to blend the image into the background. If you use the pencil or a brush with 100 hardness then this will not occur.


You'll want to change your image mode to 'indexed'... and then choose black and white:


It's probably because of the gamma correction of your PC and the dot gain on offset printing. PC show images darker in general and have a gamma of 2.2 while Mac has a gamma of 1.8. So that's one reason why it may look darker on your display. Your printer probably uses Mac so everything is calibrated with a 2.2 gamma and their own machines, and they also use ...

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