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I'll give you some quick answers first, then a description afterwards for you to hopefully help you understand things better! 1) No, you can't use layers with the bitmap colour mode. Use greyscale for your comic. 2) No, use a reputable printer (if you are getting it professionally printed) or you'll just be printing it black only on a laser printer or ...


I'm guessing you used the magic wand tool to select the white background with tolerance set at 32 and anti-aliasing on. If I do that, I get the same result. Instead, set the tolerance to 1 and turn off anti-alias: Here's a comparison of the difference: Zoomed in for better detail:


It's normal. When you make the background dark gray, you decrease the contrast of your image. Maybe you should INVERT it: Inverting it changes the colors. Playing with blending modes you can get this: It really depends on what effect you are looking for.

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