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ON *nix systems there is a command called psbook (see instructions here) and psnup so you can probably find it for osX. For windows you can get it with cygwin. what you would do is call: psbook -s16 print.ps out.ps psnup -la4 -2 out.ps > out2up.ps This will make pages with 16 page long signatures or 4 paper groups. You can change this by editing the -s ...


A book on inspiration would in time become outdated, expensive and some books are based on the current trends. If you're looking for inspiration instead of purchasing a book I would look for websites pertaining to the field you have in mind. (An example for web) I frequently like to visit sites such as: CSS Design Awards Awwwards Bootstrap Expo ...


"Best" is subjective. I don't think there is an ultimate inspirational book. Inspiration comes from anywhere/everywhere depending on your state of mind at a given time. Why not accumulate a collection of books over time?

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