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A book on inspiration would in time become outdated, expensive and some books are based on the current trends. If you're looking for inspiration instead of purchasing a book I would look for websites pertaining to the field you have in mind. (An example for web) I frequently like to visit sites such as: CSS Design Awards Awwwards Bootstrap Expo ...


"Best" is subjective. I don't think there is an ultimate inspirational book. Inspiration comes from anywhere/everywhere depending on your state of mind at a given time. Why not accumulate a collection of books over time?


Not only you need bleed, but you need to consider if you need to shift the image a bit away from the borders depending on the binding method you are using. Saddle stitching binding allows the book to lay flat when it is open. The content that is close to the inside edge of the book will be visible. This method of binding is usually expensive. Perfect ...


The purpose of bleed is to mitigate imprecision. The printer "may cut 1/16 inch off the pages" means that the printer will not guarantee that their cutter will be accurate within 1/16 plus or minus (a 1/8 inch range). So the question for you is not about cutting too much off, but whether you will be happy with a sliver of white paper showing when they don't ...


you should make section break giving the first section a roman numbering while the second section having a regular numerical numbering.

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