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I can't recommend a font but I would consider fonts that were available up to the 1850s, or at most up to the beginning of the 20th C. So, maybe some modern romans. I don't really see the Arts and Crafts movement working that well for today's audience but ... it might. The UX guy in me says - know your audience.


Gentium from SIL will likely work well for a free font. The SIL Open Font license also means that you can edit the font for your own needs using a font editor like FontForge. Gentium was designed for scholarly work and supports Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek.


First You've convert CDR to any one of the following formats which supported by AI EPS AI SVG PDF etc...


It's up to you, and quite often it's situation dependant. If it's a very niche book that's only going to sell a couple of hundred copies then you're probably going to prefer a flat rate anyway, if you're illustrating the cover of Dan Browns next novel however you might want a piece of the back end... The main thing is getting a fee that you can walk away ...

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