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I will put this as the answer to the question. My suggestion for the direction for the brand is you go with a thick script fonts because they are fun and playful, you don't want to have serious and complex feeling when customers buy products or services from you client. If this helped you Stef, mark it as the answer.


you can go check out Everything on the site is free for commercial use and of high quality as well.


There's a lot of confusion here, revolving around the use of "original". The issue at hand, I believe, is that the customer wants to be sure they have the rights to use the designs without anyone claiming they're a copy of their work, and hence there is copyright (or possibly trademark) infringement. The fact that you designed the logos from scratch does ...


This is a necessary part of any contract, and you need to have a contract. The contract should say that you have all the rights to any images or other copyrighted work that you supply, and similarly that the client will obtain any necessary rights to any material they supply. The contract also must specify any licensing or transfer of rights, and probably ...


While I generally side with you that original work implies that you performed the work from scratch, I must ask a few questions: Did the client approach you about this or did you pitch it to the client? If you are the one that pitched the idea then the client trusted you to truly wow them since they are likely paying a premium for these original ...


It seems you and your client use different definitions of the word "original". You seem to mean it in the sense that you created the emoticons from scratch without copying anyone else. Your client seem to mean it in the sense that they look too much like other emoticons already out there. Compare this to much of pop-music. Most songs are original in the ...


Show them your process of creating the emoticons! The sketches you have made, the progress, etc.

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